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How often you have heard: Want to know more, read my book?

There is a reference to this domain in rez Magazine: EXTINCTION, published in September 2018. By reading this article you see why I have now the twitter tag


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Want to know more? Read my book. In fact, you have to read more than one book.

You will meet “The Bunny.” Who is the bunny? Let me introduce her in a different way. In a short story, that is still not written. Other stories are …

Bunney Blue [B dot Blue]

Another test, another qualification to get fit for the job. The job, what job? I hate it so much. Why all these tests, why all the fuss to see if I am ready? I will never get a job. I am the job! They have no others than us three and in three days, we will have reached the destination. “You must blend in,” they say. We must blend in. I hate it to blend in. The other two, both men, blend in, of course they do. They are different than me. They are machines, I am human. My tool to blend in they say, is “to be a fuss“ – fancy, unique, smart. I let it on you to set something in for the remaining “s“ in fuss.

I open the test sheet. State something witty you can bring in when sitting in a bar and the talk goes about Geometry. I will write it down, but know it is meaningless what I write because I said it and they have only me for the job. “The shortest connection between two points in a 2-dimensional world is a straight line, in a cubic world a curve and in a 4-dimensional world a jump.” That is witty, yes? Should I have added, “Want to jump?” and face one of the guys who is rich and looks like the deal of the day?

The next question is about funeralogy. Knowing that men think they are the crown of creation I say, “In times of peace sons bury their fathers, in times of war fathers bury their sons.” The crown of creation sounds witty, does it?

I always wanted to become a funeralista but I did not fit into the scheme. A funeralista has to be ugly, the committee said. “I can make myself ugly,” I said and they laughed. The Chairman of the board said, “The real reason is, that the Director called us and requested you,” and he made a pause, “For a job.” My eyes open wide as I gasped, “The Director?” The Chairman nodded and said, “When your job is done we happily accept you in to our guild,” and everyone nodded. I was in tears. I will become a funeralista. Just not now. I thought a little job and up I go and travel through the universe to bury Kings and Queens, billionaires and stars, the famous ones, you know, the rich ones, you know. However, the job turned out not to be a job. It turned out to be a mission, a lifetime mission. A travel to earth.

Want to know more, read my book.

This book is written. My memoirs: The Gods of Informatics.


Why is the author Ervare and not Art.Blue? Ervare, in Africaans The Old Man Knowing, has created in his youth Art Blue and claimed successfully the domain art.blue. But there is more to decipher. Enter Ervare in ROT 13, the Caesar Code system, and find out more.

And The Sand Bible is written